Someone’s Been Detained

Compile documents

Because immigration cases can be very different from each other, your detained loved one will need to meet with an attorney to know specific steps to take in their case. However, there are some documents that may be useful that you could start gathering:

  • Immigration documents: Gather any immigration-related documents your detained loved one may have, including any applications they may have submitted to immigration. This will help their attorney understand their case better.

  • Certificates of disposition for each arrest by police: This is the official record from the criminal court of what happened for each arrest. You can request this document at the criminal court(s) where your loved one saw a judge.

  • Medical documents: If your detained loved one or their family members have any medical issues, start gathering medical documents.

  • Family member’s documents: ICE may decide to release your loved one from detention if your loved one has family members who are US citizens, have green cards, or have some other form of status. You can help by collecting proof of these relationships, such as a marriage certificate, birth certificate, etc, and proof of the family members’ status, copy of their green card, naturalization certificate, etc.

  • Names of people who would be able to write letters of support, saying positive things about your detained loved one. Don’t have them write letters until your loved one speaks with an attorney.

*If your loved one was detained while defending themselves against criminal charges, let their criminal defense lawyer know ICE has detained them.  ICE doesn’t let them know.