Someone’s Been Detained

Document what ICE agents did during their arrest

  • It is important to record details of the arrest and tell the lawyer. It may make a difference in the immigration case.

  • Below is a list of details to record about the raid:

    • How ICE agents presented themselves, including how many officers there were, whether they were armed, how they were dressed and whether they identified themselves as ICE

    • What ICE agents said/did to make an arrest, especially if they lied, intimidated anyone or if they used verbal/physical force

    • Who was present during the arrest, especially if there were children

    • Whether the agents searched anyone’s belongings

    • How they reacted if anyone said they denied consent to enter/search

    • How they reacted if anyone said they were exercising their right to remain silent or not answer questions

    • How they reacted if someone brought up any concerns like the need for childcare or medical issues

    • If anyone else besides the person detained was questioned, fingerprinted, or arrested