Someone’s Been Detained

Immigration Bond

Some individuals who are detained may be eligible to be released under a bond. Your detained loved one will be informed if they are eligible for bond by their deportation officer. If they do not know what their bond amount is, they can ask their deportation officer. If ICE says your loved one is not eligible for bond, or if your loved one wants to ask for a lower bond amount, they might be able to have an immigration judge review ICE’s decision about bond in their case. Your loved one should talk about this process with their immigration attorney, if they have one.

If an immigration judge grants bond to your detained loved one, the New York Immigrant Freedom Fund (NYIFF) may be able to pay for and post it. The minimum amount of bond that can be set is $1,500, but often the bond amounts are much higher.

To see if the NYIFF may be able to help, go to .  They will need to know the information below :

  • Loved one’s legal name, preferred name, and A number

  • Facility where they are detained

  • Bond amount

  • Date of next court appearance 

  • Date bond was set by the immigration judge or ICE officer

  • Address where your loved one will reside if released