Who is at my door?

What kind of lies does ICE tell to get people to let them inside?

ICE agents often act as if they are police on an investigation. This includes dressing similar to how local police dress or wearing vests or jackets that say POLICE on them.  They do this to mislead individuals into thinking they are the police and to convince people to let them into the home or help them gather information about someone they are looking for. 

  • ICE uses these ruses because they don’t have a warrant from a judge to enter the home and are trying to get permission from the person at the door to enter the home.

 Common lies, or ruses, that ICE agents have told people:

  • “We are the police, open up” “We want to ask you questions about a criminal investigation” or “We are from the XXX precinct” or “We are from the narcotics or warrant squad”. 

  • “We believe Mr. X’s identity was stolen and we need your help.” ICE asks the person who answers the door to help find Mr. X “We are investigating a crime and want to see if you know the person we are looking for.” The person lets agents in to look at the photos, which are of random strangers, and says they don’t recognize anyone. ICE agents show a photo of Mr. X or ask for him. Thinking there is a mistake or a criminal warrant, the loved one locates Mr. X and then ICE agents arrest him.

  • “Is Mr. X here? We just need him to step into the hallway to talk to him.” Mr. X steps into the hallway, thinking they are from NYPD and he has nothing to hide. Multiple ICE agents appear and arrest him.