Someone Is Knocking At My Door

They are searching the home. What do I do?

What to do:

  • If ICE officers are inside and start to search, say “I don’t consent to this search. Please leave.”

  • Keep saying this, especially if they search for, take, or try to photograph documents. They may not listen, but it is important for you to exercise this right and tell a lawyer later. It may help you or a loved one in the future.

Don’t give ICE a passport or consular documents unless they have a search warrant signed by a judge listing those items. ICE agents often ask people to gather their travel documents during an arrest. They are only doing this to help the government try to deport you. 

  • Say, “I don’t want to bring my documents” or “I don’t want to give anything over.” DO NOT give them false or invalid documentation (e.g. fake Social Security card or expired immigration visa).

Your rights: ICE is not supposed to search your home or belongings without your consent if they do not have a warrant signed by a judge. They may say they need to do a quick search for their “safety,” but this should be limited.