Someone Is Knocking At My Door

They asked for my ID and consular documents. What do I do?

What to do:

  • Say, “I don’t want to bring my documents” or “I don’t want to give anything over.” If they are searching your home for the documents, say, “I don’t consent to you searching my house or taking my documents.”

  • DO NOT give them false or invalid documentation (e.g. fake Social Security card or expired immigration visa).

It is okay to provide and carry a valid U.S.-issued ID (e.g. IDNYC, driver’s license, green card).

Your rights: ICE only has the right to demand, search for, and take your passport or consular documents if they have a search warrant signed by a judge listing those items. ICE agents often ask people to gather their travel documents during an arrest. They are only doing this to help the government try to deport you.